Dear valued patients

A vast amount of time, energy and resources has been dedicated to ensuring you are able to continue receiving treatment in a clean and safe environment. This document highlights the measure taken, to further set your mind at ease.

• Therapists are divided into Covid exposed and Non-Covid teams. Thereby reducing cross-infection from our Covid ward patients to our out-patients.
• Any therapist who is unwell or tests positive is given time off for the required 14 days and the rooms are subsequently deep cleaned and fogged.
• Therapists wear gowns to protect their scrubs in the Orthopaedic ward and remove them before coming back up to the Rooms.
• Upon entry back into the Rooms from the ward the therapist’s shoes, pens, clipboards, cell phones and hands are all disinfected
• Therapists always wear a face shield along with KN95 / FFP2 masks in the Ortho ward / Rooms.
• N95 masks are used in the Covid ward along with gowns, shoes covers, face shield, hairnets and gloves.
• Therapists temperature and screening for symptoms is done daily.
• Appointments are spaced out to allow for less foot traffic and cleaning between patients.
• We have a back door for patients to enter to ensure you don’t have to go through the hospital main entrance.
• All patients’ hands, shoes and walking devices are sprayed on entry, temperatures are taken, and patients are screened for symptoms then a Health Declaration is signed.
• All forms are electronically signed to avoid contact with pens; the tablets are regularly wiped down.
• All patients are required to wear a mask for the entire treatment, family are to wait in the car.
• No linen is used. Pillow covers, beds and any equipment used is sprayed after each patient.
• At the front desk Perspex screens are up between the receptionist and the patients.
• Card machines, medical aid and credit cards and the front desk are wiped down regularly.

We look forward to continuing your care
Michela Poulter
MD Poulter-Simon Physio